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  1. Probability Moon / Nancy Kress

    Cover of Probability Moon
    The second audiobook I listened to on my massive road trip earlier this year was Probability Moon by Nancy Kress. Ms. Kress generally writes well within the bounds of traditional science fiction. I was worried that this would be tough to listen to because of the complexity of the story and character interaction where I would be able to read on the page and retain the flow. I did have some difficulty with that toward the beginning, but by the one-third point, I could keep the characters straight while listening. The natives on World, an extra-solar planet, experience shared reality. Basically, everyone agrees on what things are, or they experience…
  2. The Green Glass Sea / Ellen Klages

    Cover of The Green Glass Sea
    So I went on a two month road trip in January and February. Which meant I was going to need an alternate method to read books. I subscribed to Audible and started looking for titles. As has been normal for the last couple of years, I looked for science fiction by women. It’s much harder to find interesting audio science fiction by women (at least on Audible) than with read-with-your-eyes books. Based on a suggestion by Debbie Notkin, I started by looking for WisCon guests of honor and Tiptree winners, and found Ellen Klages’ The Green Glass Sea. If you have ever met Ellen Klages, she is a riot. And…
  3. Adapt / Tim Harford

    Cover of audio book edition of Adapt
    Let me re-title this book for you: Adapt: Tim Harford Makes Out With Markets. Adapt is Harford claiming markets are great because they are so effective, comparing markets and capitalism to evolution because both have use trial and error to select winners. Then Harford cherry-picks lots of examples of people rigidly not adapting in order to show … well, I think he’s trying to show that markets work because of failure. What he actually shows is that he’s good at finding interesting stories of failure. But so does, and we don’t acclaim it to be an economic guru. Harford uses the evolutionary process and it’s results as a basis…