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  1. The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Third Annual Collection / Gardner Dozois ed.

    Cover of The Years Best Science Fiction 3
    This review appeared on my previous blog, Rat’s Reading. As always, Gardner Dozois picks a great anthology. The Jaguar Hunter, Lucius Shepard This is more a tale of fantasy than science fiction. Estaban Caax agrees to hunt and kill a jaguar that terrorizes a section of jungle that a local developer wants to build. Estaban owes the developer money for his wife’s purchases. Only thing is the jaguar protects a gateway between this world and the world of the gods of Esteban’s tribe, a set of gods mostly forgotten. Soon, the gateway will not longer exist. Will Esteban kill the jaguar or will he defect to the other side? Dogfight,…
  2. The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Fourteenth Annual Collection / Gardner Dozois

    Cover of The Year's Best Science Fiction 14
    This review appeared on my previous blog, Rat’s Reading. Been reading Gardner Dozois’ collections recently. This is the first I’ve ever finished completely. I think it’s a wonderful anthology with many of the truly best stories from the previous year. Immersion, Gregory Benford Immersion describes the process where through neural implants, humans may ride other animals mentally. The main characters are sociologists who visit a game park in Africa to ride chimps and get some insight into human nature. So far in the history described, only close primates can do this neural immersion thing. However, all is not right in chimp world, as some politics that I never understood cause…