Read Irresponsibly occasionally accepts review copies. I am generally interested in speculative fiction, crime fiction, and non-fiction popular economics, as well as new books by writers of color. However, I am not interested in receiving review copies of popular books that will be receiving the full marketing weight of major publishers. For example, I am not interested in review copies for the Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson Wheel of Time books. While I may read and review such books on my own, early access is not needed. Rather, I’m much more interested in review copies of books by mid-list authors who are not the marketing department’s top priority.

My policies for review copies are:

  • I note that my thoughts are based on a review copy.
  • I disclose who provided the review copy by title and company (e.g., the author’s P.R. representative with Acme P.R.).
  • I donate an amount equivalent to the purchase price of the book to a charity.
  • One review copy only. Read Irresponsibly does not host giveaways of promotional books.
  • I consider review embargoes case by case. Please note any requested review embargo in your query. Unless we have such an agreement, review timing is entirely up to my editorial discretion.
  • If I accept a review copy, I will post my thoughts. I will turn down the query if my schedule does not allow for reading it.
  • I do not accept unsolicited review copies. Do not send it if you haven’t queried me.
  • As Read Irresponsibly is not a promotional outlet, posted thoughts on a book may not be positive.

Please use the following form to query me regarding review copies.

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