Read Irresponsibly is run by Philip Weiss, who ran the blog Rat’s Reading from August 2005 through February 2011.

I am a fifth generation Washingtonian. I live in Seattle, on the shores of Lake Union. I love Seattle, and hope to always have a home here.

From an early age, I read. I don’t remember what my mother did to inculcate the habit, but I read. Teachers didn’t believe that I read some of the books for which I turned in book reports, and I was tested on them. Swiss Family Robinson comes to mind there. I read above my official grade level. I cleared out the Hardy Boys series at the Shoreline Library. I cleared out pretty much everything in the young adult section. The next section over was the Science Fiction section, and I started in on it. That reading started a love affair with the genre that I still retain.

I own over a thousand books currently. I have little idea how many I’ve read, but it’s in the range of 2,000 to 3,000 tomes. I read eclectically. Whatever feels good at the time. Consequently, Read Irresponsibly does not focus on any one subset of books.

I’m not a particularly intellectual reader. In fiction, I enjoy plot and character most. I read for enjoyment, and I read for enlightenment. I do not read because I am supposed to.

Read Irresponsibly is a work in progress. I’m not completely sure what will appear here.

Authors, public relations representatives, and publishers may be interested in my policies on review copies.

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