Trashing books and book bloggers

Via James Nicoll, I saw Anne Rice sent her rabid fan base over to an obscure blogger’s web site after the blogger posted a not very kind review of Pandora, one of Ms. Rice’s books.

Book on Garbage Can
(CC By – A.M. Kuchling)

On the one hand, I’m of the opinion that posting one’s thoughts on the public internet makes them fair game for criticism. I provide a comment section here and only rarely do I ever censor comments. And I never do so simply because someone calls me names. I’m always amused when I get called names on the internet, though I don’t really encourage the practice.

But on the other hand, boy are Ms. Rice’s fans as a whole a bunch of rabid assholes. Ms. Rice sending them to swarm on a blogger makes her an asshole as well.

I haven’t yet received that kind of treatment from an author, though I do get the occasional drive-by comment jerk. Makes me think I haven’t been working hard enough. (Yes, that’s kind of obvious given the lack of posting for a nearly a year.)

To be fair, I haven’t cut up any books, the blogger “Miss Articulate” did with Pandora. That tends to make book lovers cringe, no matter what book it is. I did recently recycle all of my Orson Scott Card books though. And by recycle, I don’t mean give them away to be read by others. They went into my condominium complex’s recycle bin. Those books were boxed up for years before I got up the gumption to just toss them.

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