Wiscon 36 – Day 1

I am attending Wiscon for the 4th year. I attempted to tweet about the events, but my Twitter client crashes on me. I arrived too late last night for the unofficial kick off reading at A Room Of One’s Own. This morning, I bussed in to the hotel, registered, and then hung out in the hotel lobby while reading the program guide and chatting with people. The Gathering wasn’t particularly interesting this year. I did pick up an ARC of New Jersey Noir, one of The Dragon Griaule, and one of Wild Cards II, all for $1 each.

I didn’t attend any panels. More interesting today were a couple of readings. The first, called Exiles at Home, featured Christopher Barzak, M Rickert, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Sofoa Samatar, and David J. Schwartz. Is that not an awesome lineup? I particularly liked the work Ms. Samatar read from her upcoming novel, and the brain-sucking alien story Mr. Schwartz read. It’ll be in an upcoming Asimov’s.

The second reading is the annual Taboo reading, where writer read things that more than once has caused people to leave the room. Regular’s Vylar Kaftan and Jennifer Pelland were joined by Charlie Jane Anders. Ms. Anders read from a story previously published in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet about sex and romance with some creative gendering. Quite good. Ms. Kaftan’s story will appear this fall in Asimov’s and features folks sneaking out in quarantined mid-pandemic San Francisco. The version she read had a lot of uses of the word “fuck” that were toned down for the to-be-published version. More fucks, I say. And Ms. Pelland read the out of context sex scenes from her novel, Machine. It has some pretty intense sex for a masochistic character. Though probably my view is colored by the fact that I am vanilla as hell, save a thing for boots. All three were great readings.

There was also some socializing and food and other miscellany. Tomorrow, probably actual panels.

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