Shades Of Gray / Jackie Kessler and Caitlin Kittredge

When last we left Jet and Iridium at the end of Black And White, they had defeated double agent Night but had also destroyed a transmitter run by Corp-Co that had subtly controlled all the superheroes in New Chicago. What had been revealed was that Corp-Co wasn’t just a benevolent superhero group manager. Quite a few superheroes are unstable without Corp-Co’s control.

Cover of Shades Of Gray

You might also remember that Jet was the good girl shadow power who struggled with shadow overcoming her mind, as apparently all shadow powers do. And Iridium was the jaded ex-superhero turned rogue Robin Hood. The two were formerly best friends from their school days but Jet now thinks of Iridium as a bad guy who isn’t quite as malevolent as true villains.

Okay, so now in Shades Of Gray there’s a new super-villain Doctor Hypnotic who can manipulate minds. And without the mind control transmitter, there’s lots of new villains on the loose. So Jet and Iridium have to work together to get things under control, with the help of Iridium’s former hero and villain father who has been in prison for some time.

While a fun read, a lot of Shades Of Gray felt like a repeat of Black And White with a new bad guy but similar plot devices. Corp-Co is still manipulating things behind the scenes. Jet and Iridium still have a testy relationship. Neither of them seem truly grown up.

And… it turns out I don’t have much to say about the book. I kinda hate that. Not really the book’s fault that I didn’t really engage with it though. So this is one of those times when I’m posting pretty much exclusively so I remember that I read the book.

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