Grading books on a curve ➚

Via Marginal Revolution, I found this Guardian article on a study that compared professional reviews to Amazon reviews. The Guardian’s summary:

Amazon reviewers were more likely to give a favourable review to a debut author, which the Harvard academics said suggested that “one drawback of expert reviews is that they may be slower to learn about new and unknown books”.

Professional critics were more positive about prizewinning authors, and “more favourable to authors who have garnered other attention in the press (as measured by number of media mentions outside of the review)”.

I have some qualms about the methodology, but I’m glad that someone has started this kind of research. I’m not surprised by the above results. I’ll note that I have only read the news article on the study, What Makes a Critic Tick?, not the study itself. Sometimes news articles aren’t so good with the summarizing.

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