Administrivia: new layout, feedback desired

When I started Read Irresponsibly, I asked a graphic designer to lay out the site professionally. Unfortunately, the work never panned out. So I put in place something pretty basic based on the default WordPress template. Sometimes, it’s better to just get moving and fill in the details later.

Well, I still don’t have a professionally designed layout. But I decided to switch things up a bit to highlight book covers a bit more. Just a bit more graphic pizzazz than I’ve previously gone for. If you were there for the early days of my old site, Rat’s Reading, you might remember that I stuck with a very minimalist style for quite a long time. My tastes have changed, and here we are.

If you are reading this via RSS do click through, check it out, and provide some feedback. In particularly, I’d really like to know what you think of the color scheme. Are parts hard to read with the colors I picked? Is it too quiet? Tell me about that or anything else you like/don’t like about the layout.

Read Irresponsibly screen shot

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