Administrivia: How do I Link Irresponsibly?

I’ve periodically posted link round-ups on bookish topics, but I’m finding that format doesn’t really work for me. That’s mostly workflow related, not content related. I like the idea of posting links that I find interesting because I see a lot of content that doesn’t seem to make the rounds.

What I’d like to do is post the links with a bit of commentary as I find them. I’m not quite sure what format and venue would work best. Here’s what I’m considering:

Read Irresponsibly has a Google+ page, and I’ve been posting some links there. I think the format there works really really well for links. There are two huge drawbacks though. First, using a Google+ page from a mobile device is impossible at the moment. I have to wait until I get back to a real computer to post them. Second, Google+ is a walled garden at the moment. Readers can check the Google+ page without an account, but they have to do so by visiting the page. There’s no feed, so no Google Reader.
The pluses are that book bloggers and readers use Twitter behind only to their blogging platforms and Google Reader. I’ve been using Twitter for quite some time, though not exclusively for reading matters. Bad thing is the format. Only 140 characters so I’m limited in description and many Twitter clients don’t have link previews.
Diigo + Read Irresponsibly
Bob Sutor uses this method for his links. Post the links with commentary to Diigo, which automatically creates a link roundup post on a blog. Read Irresponsibly readers don’t have to change a thing about how they read. No link previews, but that’s not a huge drawback.
Read Irresponsibly
Post the links individually to Read Irresponsibly. Each link and it’s commentary gets its own individual post, similar to how Tumblr works. Again, readers don’t have to change a thing, but the number of daily posts will go up a fair amount. I know that I tend to hit Mark All As Read more frequently with blogs that post fairly frequently. One other drawback is that I would need to come up with descriptive titles for each link, or copy the title of the linked article over to Read Irresponsibly in some form. I use titles extensively in Google Reader to decide whether to open and read further. I hate untitled posts and there are very few blogs that go that route that I am willing read consistently.
Read Irresponsibly has a Facebook page. Linking there would work similarly to Google+ Pages. I am not a huge fan of Facebook, so this is not an option I am likely to use. It’s even more of a walled garden than Google+. At one point there were RSS feeds for accounts, but I’m not sure if they can still be had, or for pages.

Are there any other methods which I have not listed? What are people’s opinions on how they like to consume socially promoted links?

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  1. I used to do a link round up, but I ran into the same problem: it just took a long time to put together and I wanted something more streamlined.

    Before Google destroyed it, I was using the Share feature in Google Reader, which I also had as a widget in the sidebar of my blog. That’s gone now though, which is terrible!

    At the moment, I’m using a combination of Delicious links (which are in a widget in my sidebar) and Tumblr (which I can also post to Twitter). I don’t think this is ideal, but I don’t have a better solution yet. I’ll be curious what you decide to do!

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