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If you remember my review of Curse Of The Spellmans the previous book in this series, you’ll remember I had a eureka moment that ruined the book for me. I didn’t identify that as what was bothering me until after I’d read Revenge Of The Spellmans. I held off on reviewing this to let the sentiment pass, but I still wasn’t particularly thrilled with the book.

For those who haven’t read any of the series, the Spellmans are a family of private investigators. The schtick is that they have shenanigans mostly involving loving antagonism and mutual investigations of each other. Izzy Spellman is the main character. Her parents run the business, her sister Rae is just reaching adolescence. Brother David tries to maintain his distance.

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Revenge of the Spellmans picks up where Curse Of The Spellmans left off. Izzy has left the Spellman firm and is working as a bartender. She’s not sure she wants to keep being a P.I. and really not sure she wants to work with her family. Her boss thinks she should go back to being a P.I., and forces her to take on a client on the side. Ernie, the client, thinks his wife is cheating on him. Izzy quickly figures out that’s not the case, but something is up with the woman’s behavior. For instance, she made sure the marriage was never recorded.

The problem with the book for me is that the mystery that Izzy investigates is insubstantial and not very interesting. That leaves only the family interactions to hold my attention. So there’s just the schtick. It’s old now. It was great the first time around, just like the first time your uncle tells you to pull his finger. The 3rd or 4th time it just stinks. Though I’m sure it’s still funny to your uncle.

I similarly tired of the Stephanie Plum schtick in Janet Evanovich’s novels. Stephanie Plum looks to have reached eighteen books now, and the Spellmans will have a fifth book early next year. A lot of people ain’t tired of it. But I am.

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