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If you’ve come across this blog already, likely you have been following me on Twitter or on Rat’s Reading. For 15 months I’ve been planning on moving my book blog to a new site. But life and indecision have delayed me. Yesterday, I decided to just launch the thing and get writing.

There are a number of features I will add over the months to the site. My intention is that it will be something more than Rat’s Reading was. When I figure out how I want to implement these features, they’ll come. But for now, this will be a fairly bare bones book blog. For the moment, no information about how to obtain the books I read, no links to other blogged reviews, no indexes, nothing. Just me writing for a while.

Things I want to do eventually: podcasts, link roundups, guest posts, some group discussions, proper indexes of reviews by publisher or author, and more.

I will continue to be a cranky reviewer and to keep the blog free of bandwagon joining rah-rah-ism.

Read Irresponsibly t-shirt

Read Irresponsibly shirt from Unshelved

A few words on the name. I cribbed Read Irresponsibly from this Unshelved comic strip. I read irresponsibly and I encourage others to do so. They even made a Read Irresponsibly t-shirt. Wonderful strip. Buy their books.

So welcome! And read irresponsibly.

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  1. Valerie says:

    Just adjusted my feed so that I can continue to keep up with your bookish thoughts! I like your new blog title, too.

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