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I read this book last spring (2005) after picking it up for a couple bucks from a used bookstore or some place like that. Here’s the premise of this book: A mob lawyer, Mortimer O’Brion, double-crosses one mob family by sending a pay-off intended for another mob family to a numbered account in Switzerland. He thinks he can get the money by himself. He can’t, and the mob sends men after him. Mob family #1, mob family #2, and the lawyer are all running around Switzerland trying to get the money without all the information they need, and the bankers won’t give the money up because they view themselves as professionals. Never give up the money without both the account number and the passcode. Add in several law enforcement jurisdictions as well. Mostly a pretty boring story if you ask me, and it’s not the type of novel that is based on anything more than the story. Though I suppose it fit the bill for trashy reading back in the day. I just don’t see it measuring up to today’s standards. And definitely not my standards.

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